Materiali Convegno Internazionale ABA e Autismo

Di seguito i materiali utilizzati dai docenti per le lezioni magistrali del Convegno Internazionale “L’Applied Behavior Analysis nel trattamento dell’autismo”, tenutosi il 22-23 marzo 2014.


Dr. William Heward (The Ohio State University, Columbus)
“Helping school-age students with autism succeed in regular classes” parte 1
“Helping school-age students with autism succeed in regular classes” parte 2

Dr. James E. Carr (BACB, Littleton, Colorado)
“An introduction to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board”

Dr. Caio Miguel (California State University, Sacramento)
“Research on verbal behavior and its clinical applications”

Dr. Vincent Carbone (Carbone Clinic, New York)
“The Role of Motivation to Teach Advanced Language and Social Pragmatic Skills to Children with Autism”

Dr. Mattew Normand (University of the Pacific, Stockton)
“Science, Pseudoscience, and Skepticism in Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis”


Dr. J. Carr
“Selecting function-based treatments for socially maintained problem behavior”
“Evaluating teaching procedures in the early behavioral treatment of autism”

Dr. C. Miguel
“Naming and Verbal Behavior”
“Stimulus equivalent technology in Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention”

Dr. M. Normand
“The Functional Analysis of Behavior: History, Applications, and Implications”
“Strategies to asses and develop verbal behavior in children”


Inoltre, il Dr. Heward ha lasciato i seguenti articoli scientifici di riferimento:

– Classwide Peer Tutoring         pag. 1         pag. 2         pag. 3        pag. 4

– Response Cards        pag. 1       pag. 2       pag. 3       pag. 4       pag. 5        pag. 6         pag. 7

– Self-Monitoring        pag. 1          pag. 2          pag. 3