Advanced Workshops on ABA


presenta due workshops avanzati sull’analisi comportamentale applicata

Il video-modelling nel trattamento dell’autismo
Dr. Christos Nikopoulos, BCBA-D, MBPsS, CSci, FHEA
12-13 Dicembre 2015


“Positive Behavioural Support” per bambini e adulti con autismo
Dr. Sandy Toogood, PhD, BCBA-D
16-17 Gennaio 2016


Sede dei corsi: IRFID, via Funari – Ottaviano (NA)      maps-icon

Destinatari: Educatore professionale, Fisioterapista, Logopedista, Terapista della neuro e Psicomotricità dell’età evolutiva, Medico Neuropsichiatra infantile, Psicologo-Psicoterapeuta, Tecnico della Riabilitazione Psichiatrica, Terapista occupazionale, Insegnanti, Genitori e Operatori Socio-Sanitari.  
Numero max partecipanti: 150 (per ogni corso)
Costi: è possibile iscriversi ai due corsi in maniera separata o congiunta

* Iscrizione a entrambi i corsi: Nikopoulos e Toogood    € 240,00
* Iscrizione Corso Nikopoulos       € 160,00
* Iscrizione Corso Toogood      € 160,00

Previsti crediti Ecm e CEUs per BCBA e BCaBA


Al fine di garantire il pieno rispetto dell’orario stabilito, è necessario un inizio tassativo delle giornate alle ore 9:00. Pertanto invitiamo i partecipanti a presentarsi alla registrazione di inizio giornata per le ore 8:30.

Come iscriversi:

  • compila la scheda di iscrizione (entrambe se desideri iscriverti a tutti e due i corsi)
  • effettua il pagamento attraverso bonifico bancario (i dati sono indicati sulla scheda), indicando nella causale, a seconda del corso che hai scelto: “COGNOME_NOME_NIKOPUOLOS” , oppure “COGNOME_NOME_TOOGOOD”, oppure “COGNOME_NOME_NIKOPOULOS_TOOGOOD'” se hai scelto di iscriverti ad entrambi i corsi (in tal caso puoi fare un unico bonifico)
  • invia la scheda (debitamente compilata) e la ricevuta di pagamento a, oppure via fax al numero 081 5288243.



Il video-modelling nel trattamento dell’autismo
12-13 dicembre 2015   –   20.3 crediti ECM


Christos Nikopoulos PhD, BSc(Hons), BCBA-D, MBPsS, CSci, FHEA, BACB international representative is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst® at a Doctoral Level (BCBA-D), who has served as a clinician, a university lecturer, an educator, a consultant, a researcher, and an author in the areas of autism, intellectual and other developmental disabilities as well as neurological and behavioural interventions in special education for more than 17 years. He is an external examiner for MSc Autism and related conditions at Swansea University. He has provided consultancy in Russia, Cyprus, Greece and United Kingdom. He has lectured internationally on working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities as well as has published widely on the topic. He has co-authored a book that has become a key reference text on subject of video modelling and autism. He has been chosen to deliver keynote speeches at national and international conferences. In fact, his work on video modelling with individuals with autism is at the forefront of research and development.
Furthermore, he has obtained substantial experience in the administration of the Vineland II, CARS, VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R and AFLS assessments tools as well as employing a variety of different behavioural procedures/methods such as Shaping, Incidental Teaching, Chaining, Discrete Trial Teaching, Pivotal Response Training, Precision Teaching, Video Modelling, Activity Schedules, Social Stories, Functional Communication Training, Token Economy Systems, Self-management Treatment Package, Schedules of Reinforcement and others. His sincere interest, commitment to and knowledge about autism research has been a huge motivation to serve individuals with autism and their families.

“Positive Behavioural Support” per bambini e adulti con autismo
16-17 gennaio 2017   –   20.3 crediti ECM


Sandy Toogood BSc, MA, PhD, BCBA-D is an independent behaviour analyst, service design consultant and clinical supervisor, specialising in supporting services to children and adults whose behaviour is challenging. Sandy is also part-time Senior Lecturer in behaviour analysis at Bangor University.
In the 1970’s Sandy worked in residential services and was a Portage Home Teacher. In the 1980’s he worked alongside the Health Care Evaluation and Research Team on developing what later became known as Active Support. Sandy then moved to the University of Kent and was deputy team leader in the UK’s first specialist challenging behaviour service – the Special Development Team. Sandy moved to Wales in 1990, to develop challenging behaviour services for adults and children with learning disabilities. He researched functional assessment and analysis procedures and was awarded a PhD in 1996.
Sandy was for many years a consultant with the National Development Team, an independent consultant, and a PASS team leader. Sandy also contributed to a number of post-graduate and post-qualifying courses in the UK and was the principal architect of opportunity planning and interactive training. Sandy was the training consultant on active support research in the UK and Australia, and has presented academic and service papers around the globe. He has published numerous articles on active support, challenging behaviour and positive behaviour support, co-authored a small number of books, training manuals and book chapters, and reviewed or served on the editorial boards of a number of journals. Sandy’s current interests are in disseminating good practice in functional assessment and multi-layered behavioural intervention, using contingency diagrams to aid analysis and communicating ideas about behavioural function, and extending active support to new populations and service contexts.

maps-icon   DOVE SIAMO     via Funari, snc, Ottaviano (NA)